Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

Keeping Contact

Do you know of any parishioner who has been overlooked? Please contact the parish office or Sheelagh Brown of the SVP 015395 83750.

The Website

The Website is being renewed and revitalised. It helps us ‘Keep Contact” But we need your (helpful) comments). Please also note that those without the internet are not second-class parishioners. Your prayer and devotion is greatly valued. Do you get our weekly newsletter in printed form?

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Definition of a parish website: “A tool to help parishioners grow outside of their Sunday obligation and invite onlookers into a joyful Christ-centred community”.

Keeping Faith

This Sunday’s Scripture:

Repent and believe the Good News; the kingdom of God is close at hand. We repent not only of a wrongful way of life, which leads us away from God, but also of anything that distracts or leads us away from giving true value to God and his rule in our lives, or leads us to distrust the goodness of God. Remember God wants the fullness of life for us.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the hidden power behind the church and in your life of faith. It is vital that we become more familiar with His working and consciously use His power, or else the faith withers. You may have an experience of the Spirit, which is unrecognised. That’s why we are having a series of testimonies to faith to highlight how the Holy Spirit works. (see below)

Ordinary People & the Holy Spirit No. 3:

The Holy Spirit is often the overlooked person of the Trinity. Yet He is the power behind the church. Without the Spirit the church decays and people lose heart. All recent Popes have begged ordinary Catholics to be more open to the Spirit.

Testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit:

"My introduction to the Holy Spirit was 35 years ago. I was at an Evangelical Church in Ulverston. Some people were on the floor and I felt quite scared. I have never experienced that particular phenomenon of the Holy Spirit. However what I did experience was a strong but gentle breeze. It seemed to envelop me with a deep love and peace. Now, 35 years on when I pray to Him, He still comes as that peaceful, gentle breeze - comforting, guiding, and helping me with all the situations in my life."

Have You Experienced the Holy Spirit?

Would you be prepared to share it? Please write to Marian at the Parish Office or e-mail it. We need to share our faith experiences to encourage each other on our faith journey.

Christian Unity. Jesus prays: Jesus shows his desire that all believers should be as one, just as Jesus is one with his Father. “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me”. The Unity week ends Monday. Please pray for unity.

Keeping Charity


I have sent your donation for the Sudan babies to our twinnage officer, and have received from him a letter of congratulations, and a certificate. The exchange rate must be in our favour at present, as he tells me we have raised enough to feed 30 babies for

the next twelve months. I am highly delighted, and so should we all be, for this beacon of hope in the midst of this current darkness. Who knows what these children will turn out to be when they are grown. There are so many possibilities you have given them by savingtheirlivesatthisstage. Well done to all who contributed. Liz Lewis

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