Second Sunday of Christmas

Here is this week's newsletter:

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Lockdown Again!

As from last Thursday 31 December, the whole of

Cumbria is in lockdown, at Tier 4, for an unspecified period. The rules are

slightly different than in the previous lockdown. Please note:

Churches are open for public Mass. We can open also for private prayer.

Funerals can take place in church with restrictions. We are allowed to use our

halls for charitable works such as food share and for certain vulnerable groups.

Our Bishops state that these days are not easy, but during the time the

regulations are in force, it is vital that the best and most effective use of our

churches is made, for the good of the faithful and wider society.

Keeping Faith

This Sunday’s Scripture: The readings ram home the glorious truth that

God is among us and for us. He ‘pitched his tent’ in Jerusalem and made the

Jewish people his ‘chosen’ people. Then he widened out his choice to all the

world, to us. We truly have been ‘...blessed with all the spiritual blessings in

Christ ...’. We have in Jesus his final eternal Word. The ‘Word was made

flesh and dwelt amongst us’. Rejoice, we are truly blessed, as the chosen ones

of God, the ones given the light of life

Feast of the Epiphany, Wednesday

... They saw the child with His Mother Mary and falling to their knees they did Him Homage

The word ‘Epiphany’ means the unveiling or revealing. The three Kings or wise men

visit Jesus and acknowledge Him as both King and God. They represent all the

known parts of the earth. Wise people still seek Jesus, and follow his star today.

Darkness and Light

(A meditation and prayer for Epiphany (from our ‘Epiphany

Celebration’). Please say it thoughtfully on the day of the Epiphany):

Lord Jesus, you are a light that shines in the dark of our world,

A light that darkness could not overpower.

Your birth is surrounded by darkness and light.

Darkness: An enforced journey at a dictator's command, a young mother

giving birth in a stable, flight as refugees to a foreign country, the

slaughter of all Bethlehem's infant children.

Light: but your birth also saw all of creation rejoice. Animals watched

alongside the poor shepherds, the wise and the wealthy kings visited you,

and above them a sky was filled with angels - even a star in the infinity of

space halted, to honour the Lord of all that is.

The three Kings brought gifts to honour You the Christ Child, the Prince

of Peace, the Lord of Light.

We can give nothing but ourselves - it is all we have.

Loving Lord, accept us as we are, we can come no other way. Help us live

every hour, every day, in Your dawning brightness; and bring that

brightness to all we meet. Amen

Messages of Hope:

Don’t worry about anything: Instead, pray about everything.

(Philippians 4:6)