Racial Justice Sunday

Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time


Annual Report to the Parish: Our Parish Pastoral Councils have been unable to meet and to have the AGM at the end of the year 2020. As a substitute, I have prepared a report on the year, covering both parishes, with an introduction. This document attempts to sum up the year, and all that has been achieved. It marks a difficult year, the Covid year. It will be sent out shortly, after the Parish Council members have had a chance to look at it.

Life of Faith Continues: However in all these difficulties the report emphasises that the running of the parish and the life of faith has continued, and indeed developed in certain ways. We have followed the principles during the pandemic of Keep Faith, Keep Contact and Keep Charity. Many devoted people have thrown themselves into supporting their church wherever they are able. This is a sign of vitality in our churches, for which I am very grateful. Fr. Philip

Keeping Faith

This Sunday’s Scripture Jesus speaks with authority. He speaks to us today with the same authority as he did 2000 years ago at Capernaum in Galilee. Let us pray for eyes that see the presence of Jesus in our world and ears that hear His Word. As the psalm says “O that today you would listen to His voice”.

Presentation of the Lord: (Tuesday) Jesus the Light of the World is taken to the temple, his Father’s house. He is recognised by those faithful people, Simeon and Anna. Jesus today is recognised by the eyes of faith. We too as Christians would normally enter the church in procession with our candles lit. In doing so we carry the light of Christ into the new temple. We will celebrate the mass of the Presentation on Tuesday.

Light of Faith: Please find a candle and light it at 11am on Tuesday when the Mass of the Presentation is broadcasted. Make your homes into the ‘Domestic Church’. Remind yourselves that Jesus the Light of the World has entered your home and is with you.

Ordinary People & the Holy Spirit No. 4:

The Holy Spirit is often the overlooked person of the Trinity. Yet He is the power behind the church. Without the Spirit the church decays and people lose heart. All recent Popes have begged ordinary Catholics to be more open to the Spirit.

Testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit: My experience of the Holy Spirit occurred at Cottam during the May devotions … During the Magnificat I suddenly found my arms raised high over my head and I was singing very loudly – as I could in those days!! Since then I have had no hesitation in raising my arms in prayer and praise WAP

Have You Experienced the Holy Spirit? Would you be prepared to share it? Please write to Marian at the Parish Office or e-mail it. We need to share our faith experiences to encourage each other on our faith journey.

Keeping Contact:

In time of isolation, we offer the following personal prayer support:

Fr Alf Parker will talk or pray with you on this number 015395 33145

Or you can leave a prayer request as an answerphone message on this number 01524 734816

Or leave your name and number if you would like someone to phone you back later that day

Go Zooming … see note below:

If Zoom is new to you and you are unsure how to access it, please contact Greg Tagney (07776 252937) and he will happily talk you through.

Annual Parish Report for 2020. Our Parish Pastoral Councils have been unable to have an AGM at the end of the year 2020. This AGM normally reports to the Parishes on the year. As a temporary substitute, I have prepared a report on the year, covering both parishes, with an introduction. It will be circulated amongst the Parish Council members in our two parishes, and later circulated generally. It marks a difficult year, the Covid year.

Website We are currently refreshing our website to be a better tool for our community and faith. Please look at the new website www.kentestuarycatholicchurches.co.uk

It is work in progress. What would you like in it? What would a visitor want? What would a person enquiring into faith want? Please send a comments about what you would like to see on the website to Eleanor at: kentestuarywebsite@gmail.com

What is a website? I with many in the parish am not fully aware of what a website is and its potential. Here is one description of what a website could be for a parish: A website is: “A space of hospitality set aside for a community to come together and grow in formation and friendship, and …. a middle ground where outsiders can enter without standing out like a sore thumb”. (Peter’s House Publications)

No Computer? Please also note that those without computers are not second-class parishioners. Your prayer and devotion is greatly valued. Do you get our weekly newsletter in printed form? We will send out printed copies of Newsletters and other materials to those on our postal list.

Keeping Charity

Deaths: Please pray for the souls of two Grange parishioners, and our former Bishop:

Veronica (‘Vee’) Jones of Grange who died on the 20 January after a long period of weakness. Her funeral Mass will take place at St Charles 11.30am Wednesday 10 February.

Nick Drake-Lee who died on the 21 January after a time of illness. His funeral service will take place at Beetham Crematorium 11.00am 15 February. A funeral Mass will be celebrated on a date to be arranged.

Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue, who died in Ireland in retirement on the 24 January. His funeral took place at St. Michael’s Annaleentha, Co Cork on Tuesday 26 January. He was Bishop of Lancaster 2001-2009 and steered our Diocese through some very difficult times. He had the courage to speak the truth and to face difficulties.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen

Please pray for the sick of our parishes:

Geoff Critchley, Michael Carter, Pam Gee, Stella Naylon, Josie Buckley, Margaret Vincent, Brian Mills, Eileen Parker, Christine McIvor, Philip Barry, Chris Browne, Libby Stretton, Jenny Hodkinson, Kathleen Lavin, Jean McQueen, Angela Nottingham, Alan Wild, Gerry Gibbons.

Also please pray for those whose anniversaries occur about this time.

Notices and Adverts:

RESCHEDULED EVENT:Growing in the Prophetic & Open Miracle Healing Service- with Damian Stayne Fri 5 - Sat 6 February 2021 - Online For more information:

www.coretlumenchristi.org email: stcuthberts@coretlumenchristi.org

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