50 Years at Christ the King

Christ the King 50th Anniversary

On Sunday 22nd November we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our church at Christ the King. To commemorate this event, we have put together some photos from the church throughout the years and a booklet full of information, history, and memories of our Church.

It is appropriate that we celebrate the 50th birthday of the present church of Christ the King. For us, a church is much more than a meeting hall. It is a place where we meet the living Lord sacramentally, a place where the ‘most high dwells’. It is the thin place between this world and the next. Here we assemble around the Lord Jesus as a ‘family of faith’. It is sanctified by much love and prayer and devoted care, in response to that presence of God. It is the focus of many occasions in the life of that family of faith, from birth to death. It has a history. I thank Mrs. Mary Salter for gathering together the information in this short booklet to mark the occasion. We would like to have done more, but the present Covid restrictions prevent that. We start with a tour of the church, and its fittings. It is right that the stark simplicity of the architecture should be complemented by the best artwork we can afford. Nothing is too good for God. We go on to give a brief history of the Catholic presence in the area. Then we have some memories of the times we have experienced as a family of faith in our church or its adjoining hall. I hope you find it to be interesting. Please pray that this family of faith and the other churches in Milnthorpe may thrive.

With every blessing,

Fr. Philip Smith

See here for a booklet full of information, history, and memories of the church over the years.

CTK 50 Years Anniversary
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See here for more pictures and memories

CTK Memories website word
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CTK Memories website 2 word
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