Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

For Sunday the 7th February 2021.

Zoom event - Tuesday 9th February 7pm

'Welcoming the Spirit and Honouring Our Lady' - Prayer and Praise on Zoom. Please join us at 7pm on Tuesday 9 February for a time of prayer, Scripture, meditation and song. A new venture for us, a new way to pray with others despite limitations. Come and try it out? As is normal with Zoom meeting, you will be 'muted' so you can sing along fearlessly! If you would like to come, please send your email address to Greg (Tagney) at Please try to 'arrive' a few minutes early so we can start promptly at 7pm. Tell a friend? We can host up to 100!


Vitality in our Communities: The Annual Parish Report will be circulated.

The report shows that in all the difficulties of the lockdowns, running of the

parish and the life of faith has continued, and indeed developed in certain

ways. Many devoted people have thrown themselves into supporting their

church wherever they are able. This is a sign of vitality in our communities.

We Celebrate this week the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the patroness of

our Diocese, Thursday; and a zoom ‘Prayer and Praise’ honouring the Holy

Spirit and Our Lady.

Message of Hope: One parishioner states she was happy to see the first

daffodil come out in her garden. It was a message of hope to her.

This Sunday’s Scripture:

Following Our Lord changes our view of life. In the gospel we hear that everybody is looking for Jesus. Our Lord gives zest, and meaning and purpose to life. With the spirit of the Lord in us we serve others willingly for love of him. On the other hand, many find life without God’s presence to be no more than drudgery and pressed service as Job finds in the first reading.

Keeping Faith

Parish Vision Statement: We must now put up our parish vision statement

on the website; A Parish Vision Statement is short, memorable, not more than

say four lines. It sums up the parish work, and acts as a test for the validity of

all that the parish does.

Parish Vision Statement: To be a welcoming family of faith, To bring people to Jesus, To bring people to experience God’s love for them, In the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Lady of Lourdes:

Our Lady of Lourdes is the patroness of our Diocese. At the grotto in Lourdes Mary told Bernadette to ask the priest to build a church there. As a result a whole town sprang up, where worldly values are reversed. The sick and weak are honoured, loving service is normal, the young and the old are one, people take time for prayer and for each other, and pilgrims from many countries meet as one family of faith. Mary shows what the world could be like if we followed truly the way her blessed Son laid down. Our Lady of Lourdes is a good example for us all and for our Diocese. The Mass will be broadcasted for 11am Thursday. The rosary will be said at the end of Mass. We will also broadcast a service, which honours Our Lady. (See the Zoom event.)

Ordinary People & the Holy Spirit No. 5:

The Holy Spirit is often the overlooked person of the Trinity. Yet He is the power behind the church. Without the Spirit the church decays and people lose heart. All recent Popes have begged ordinary Catholics to be more open to the Spirit.

Testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit:

Welcome Holy Spirit! I am aware that throughout my life I have been gently led from place to place and to meeting people who have inspired, helped and guided me. Many years ago, during a time of some distress and feeling alone, I was led to attend prayer meetings where I was prayed over for release of the Holy Spirit and for healing. Following this I was aware of inner healing and a renewed, closer, personal relationship with The Lord. There is much more to tell but suffice it to say that through life’s ups and downs I am glad for having been led to those prayer meetings. I am thankful for the inner peace, strength and joy that comes from the love and power of The Holy Spirit. May the God of all true joy continue to surprise us ! JER

Have You Experienced the Holy Spirit? Would you be prepared to share it? Please write to Marian at the Parish Office or e-mail it. We need to share our faith experiences to encourage each other on our faith journey.

Keeping Contact:

In time of isolation, we offer the following personal prayer support:

  • Fr Alf Parker will talk or pray with you on this number 015395 33145

  • Or you can leave a prayer request as an answerphone message on this number 01524 734816

  • Or leave your name and number if you would like someone to phone you back later that day.

What is a website?

I with many in the parish, am not fully aware of what a website is and its potential. Here is one description of what a website could be for a parish: A website is a place of Mission, where we reach out to others searching for meaning and purpose in life.

Pope Francis calls the internet “the digital highway”, he describes it as “…a street teeming with people who are often hurting, men and women looking for salvation or hope”.

Question for You: What do you want to see in the website? What would a holidaymaker want to find? Give your thoughts to Eleanor at

Keeping Charity

Funeral: Please pray for the soul of Veronica Jones of Grange, whose funeral will take place at St Charles 11.30am Wednesday 10th February. Please also remember in your prayers her sisters Pauline, Agnes and Marian.

Annual Parish Report for 2020:

Is circulated with the e-mail version of this News Letter. If anybody wants a hard copy, please contact Marian, the parish secretary. Fr. Philip

Please find the pdf version of the Newsletter below.

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